S’mores Bar

Wow your guests with our 4 tiered S’mores Bar. This display will surely make your eyes pop out and your jaws drop. Create your own fresh smores and roast your marshmallow to perfection. Yum! You can also choose our illuminated LED S’mores Bar to enhance your elegant event.

Donut Wall

Have you ever dreamed of a wall of doughnuts? Now, your dreams can become reality. Our huge wall of fresh delicious doughnuts topped with various toppings and flavors is now available for your party. If you love doughnuts, this is a must have. It will surely be center of attention at your Viennese table.

Chocolate Fountain

Charm your guests with our elegant chocolate fountain with an amazing curtain of hot flowing chocolate that will fill the air with a tantalizing aroma. Choose from three different sizes, depending on the size of your party, theme and budget. Ask about our fruit display and edibles.

Lavish Gourmet Nut Cart/Candy Display

This versatile white cart serves as a gourmet nut display and an elaborate candy display. It can also be customized as an irresistible ice cream station or a sophisticated sushi bar. You can also simply just rent the white cart as a prop for your event.

Gelato Bar

Soft, creamy and tasty! Indulge in our smooth gelato ice cream, it’s so rich you’ll return for more. Setup in our LED stand, the chic look will impress everyone. Choose from many toppings and flavors. Enjoy!

Donut Machine

Our doughnut machine creates fresh mini doughnuts right in front of your eyes. The aroma and taste are so tempting even adults can’t stop – they are mouthwatering delicious. Just watching them pop out of the machine is a thrill within itself. Ask us about our fresh churros station and irresistible fried Oreos.

Candy Cart

This versatile stainless steel cart serves as an elaborate candy display. It can also be customized as an irresistible ice cream station or a sophisticated sushi bar. You can also simply just rent the cart as a prop.

LED Gourmet Popcorn Display

Sweet, fluffy and gourmet! Indulge into our gourmet popcorn stand, select from many flavors including salty caramel, s’mores and cookies n cream. This display is a statement piece and great for your corporate function. This versatile LED display can easily be used for gourmet nuts, lavish chocolate bar station, fresh fruit bar, candy bar or choice of your favorite foods.

LED Arch Display

Our illuminated arch display will be the focal point of your event. Standing 6 feet high covered with pastries, gourmet nuts, mini chocolates, fruit, cupcakes and whatever your mind can imagine. This statement piece will get everyone talking at your next corporate or fundraiser event.

Dipping Station

It’s your dessert — you choose the toppings! Our dipping station is not only pleasant to look at, but it’s fun to use too! Adults and children alike will gather around this impressive display and create their favorite treats. Customize your dipping station with fresh fruit, pretzels, dried fruit, cookies, and your choice of toppings.

Popcorn Station

Taking popcorn to the next level! Our popcorn station is seasoned with multiple flavors; select from garlic, chocolate, BBQ and other savory tastes. Our light, fluffy and perfectly seasoned popcorn is certainly satisfying and enjoyable. Great for corporate and holiday parties.

Ice Cream Cart

Did someone scream ice cream? Our irresistible ice cream cart is a kids favorite. Wheel into your party our huge ice cream cart filled with many toppings, ice cream cones and syrups. Select from many flavors and top your ice cream yourself. Delicious!

Cotton Candy

Our delightful cotton candy melts in your mouth. Kids (and adults) can not resist and the smell is just so addictive.

Popcorn Machine

Our popcorn machine will add pizzazz to your party. Our light and fluffy popcorn is a real crowd pleaser.

Snow Cone

Chill out with our savory snow cones. A refreshing array of cool flavors, color and taste. Crushed ice and flavored syrup – a terrific way to chill in the heat.

Champagne Fountain

Toast your guests with a sparkling five-gallon champagne fountain. Select from our bubbly champagne, fruit punch or beverage of choice. Cheers!

Hot Pretzel Machine

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and salted to perfection. Nothing brings back warm feelings like hot pretzels! Our hot pretzel machine will surely be a crowd favorite at your next event.

LED Up Lighting

Want to transform your basic party into an elegant event? Rent our LED lights and use it to transform any warehouse, party space or even your favorite ballroom. Our colorful lighting will boost an ordinary space into luxury, elegant and stylish soirée.